2021.10.22 17:24 Fun_Highlight_7427 ButtFished

ButtFished: The false prediction that an ass is fat based on the size and shape of the hips/thighs..
In more simple terms, thinking that a girl will have a fat ass based her having thick thighs, when she in fact doesn’t.
Has anyone experienced this?
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2021.10.22 17:24 Hex-On-Reddit Nothing Werid Here. Just Some Mr. Trololo Sprites

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2021.10.22 17:24 SilverStudioBeta Voiced the comic

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2021.10.22 17:24 Inner-Spread611 I'm getting sick and tired. Hury up and go

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2021.10.22 17:24 Hui1997 VSF no winding resistance

Hey Guys I have got a Question. Is it normal that my VSF Submariner doesn’t have any winding ressistance, because I have a GMF Datejust which have has a ressistance at 40 turns. But my Submariner winds to the eternity. There is no feedback on full power reserve.
Is that normal?
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2021.10.22 17:24 sistrixBOT Daily Search Forum Recap: October 22, 2021

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2021.10.22 17:24 Pure_City_3577 Inu Yasha -- 3HoursYoung

💰 InuYasha 💰- ETH -
🚫 Tired of getting scammed, joining failed projects? Good, we have the solution for your succes 💯
🤝🏼 Community driven project 💰 💰10% of supply to be burned🔥 💰Unique launchpad platform 💸 📣 Player vs Player, NFT integrated blockchain game partnership announcement 💸 💰Utility/use case: A decentralized community vetting, donation, and marketing launchpad 💸 💰Exclusive Presale to holders of InuYasha 💸
Token address: 0x5bddbfdc228e1bbdb9ef5ca1dc56b54c4d6d6621
Website: InuYasha.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/inuyashatoken?t=iXR5a7l8pZHpdYQmegXw7g&s=09 Instagram: https://instagram.com/inuyashatoken?utm_medium=copy_link
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2021.10.22 17:24 efecan75 Would it be #ATH for $GRVX today will see. Anyway 540% grow in just one wee

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2021.10.22 17:24 Batwaffel Plugin Boutique "Scaler 2" and SongWish "reMIDI 2" bundle ($88)

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2021.10.22 17:24 Fyrebirdy123 A certain seller keeps reposting the same item everty hour. I have the item name saved. Is there anything that can be done?

As the title states, I saved the name of the item so I could keep check of any new ones that popped up. This one seller keeps reposting the same items (2 sellers actually with the same item). Is there any way to prevent myself from being continuously notified about them?
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2021.10.22 17:24 twg-bot 'Halloween Symphony Spooktacular' returns to Tallahassee

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2021.10.22 17:24 Individual-Spare-776 This level of entitlement never ceases to amaze me..

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2021.10.22 17:24 sonik77133 A Godzilla pinup by Alan Moore (yes, THAT Alan Moore) for Godzilla King Of The Monsters (1987)

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2021.10.22 17:24 The_impericalist If elves from two different races had children, which Arcanum would the children belong to?

Elves as we learn are born with a connection to an Arcanum. Would children from two distinct elf races have as connection to two Arcanum at birth? Or only a connection to one? And if so, which parent would they draw the connection?
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2021.10.22 17:24 callmehlexa W/f/l

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2021.10.22 17:24 worldrank1player White monarch, 3os phase blade, 4os phase blade ft

Lem for the monarch, any Low mid rune for the phase blades
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2021.10.22 17:24 Free-Masterpiece-860 Who wants more Pixar video games?

I know we're not getting more of them any time soon, but it would be nice if we did.
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2021.10.22 17:24 MadmansBluff Did the finale do anything to address the cast size for season 4?

In season 3, there were 12 main cast members - one more than the already bloated season 2 cast (although to be fair, none of the episodes had all 12).
There should be at least six in season 4 - Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, and Joshua Orpin, and it looks like Jay Lycurgo is joining the main cast.
The only person absolutely confirmed to not be coming back is Alan Ritchson, which is why he was allowed to audition for Jack Reacher.
Damaris Lewis, Savannah Welch, and Vincent Kartheiser probably won't be in season 4, although I could see Lewis and Welch reappearing. Kartheiser had a one-year contract and aside from what happened to Crane in the final scene, the allegations about his behavior seem to have pretty much sealed his fate.
Curran Walters also appears to be gone, but there have been no updates, let alone a pilot order, on the alleged Red Hood spin-off. Plus, Jason's exit felt a little open-ended given that most of the characters are unaware of him turning against Crane.
The biggest question mark is Conor Leslie - the ARGUS tease seems like a setup for a season 4 storyline, but knowing this show, it wouldn't surprise me if that's her exit and this story is never followed up on. This could also set-up a spin-off, which would be better for the character if the spin-off is in better hands. But like the alleged Red Hood spin-off, there's been no reported pilot order.
If Donna is going to be in season 4, then it seems likely that Minka Kelly will be returning as Dawn and Roy Harper will be introduced, given the references to them. Plus, if Dawn does appear, then Holly Granger may be introduced as the new Hawk, given that Dawn is with her family and a solo Dove would seem awkward.
There's also the unresolved matter of Rose (and Jericho), whose disappearance was never explained and Chelsea Zhang may return for season 4.
And finally, whoever gets cast as the main villain (hopefully, an actual Titans villain this time), will probably be a series regular.
Overall, we have the potential to receive an even larger cast for season 4 and that's not going to bode well because this show couldn't handle a cast of 11. Expect Gar to get shafted again if this is the case.
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2021.10.22 17:24 hexerbexer666 am i wasting my time??

Me and this guy have been talking for 2 months, i knew him before we started talking but after we both got out of relationships we matched on bumble and started talking ‘romantically’. For the past 2 months i’ve spent the night at his house 4-5 days a week, he invites me to hangout with his friends, and we’ll occasionally go on dates. im exclusive in the situationship and he says he’s exclusive. the last time i checked in on the relationship, he said he’s trying to take it slow because the last relationship he was in was a year long, and he got out of that a few weeks before we started talking. am i just a void filler to help him get over his ex and keep him from being lonely or am i overthinking it?? how long should the talking stage last?? i don’t want to ask and seem pushy and disrespect his boundary but it weighs on me:p
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2021.10.22 17:24 hipxhip Rewatched Klay’s 14 3PT game. He hit his 14th with **4:53 left in the 3rd.** Ga damn.

At that rate, had he played the whole game he could’ve hit 21. Obviously a wishful extrapolation but nothing is impossible for Steph and Klay. Here’s a link to some highlights from the past 5 years that the NBA posted on their YT channel.
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2021.10.22 17:24 afarabicattire Side open kaftan farasha dress

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2021.10.22 17:24 BellPlaysMobile [PS4] [PS5] [M22] Selling coins at $65 per mil | Trusted Seller | 150+ Confirmed Deals on MCSRep | Fast Responses and Reliable

I am selling PlayStation mut coins. Please message me if you are selling.
I can do most payment methods. Don’t risk getting scammed from less reputable traders - can check my rep threads to see my vouches
If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
Rep Thread 1 (239 Comments): https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/j3lsbe/ubell_plays_mobile_mcs_rep_profile/
Rep Thread 2 (126 Comments): https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/mgz7zm/ubell_plays_mobiles_2nd_mcs_rep_profile/
Rep Thread 3: https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/pwm0kj/ubell_plays_mobiles_3rd_mcs_rep_profile/
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2021.10.22 17:24 MoriPoi 23 [M4F] Florida - Pouring my soul into this one. Looking to make new experiences with someone

I hope everyone is great doing this 2021 Pandemic season! I decided reddit is a decent place to find someone is funny and down to earth, or crazy that works too.
Things I am into
+Exercise ( I am training my endurance to try out a 5K run)
+Graphic Design ( I currently work at an office job making promos for events)
+Traveling (hope to go to japan next year)
+Pets, Love animals but am I dog person or cat person? hmm not sure
+one of my Quirky hobbies would be in linguistics, I like to study other languages
oh, and I love music, video games, anime...but I'm guessing so do you.

If you couldn't tell I'm awful at describing myself. Feel free to shoot me a message/chat.
what exactly am i looking for? i really want to find a relationship, but im not expecting anything. lets's start by getting to know each other, and if it fizzles out its all good--no expectations. i want to find someone curious,kind,weird, open-minded.

Heres some photos
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2021.10.22 17:24 Ralfop Beauty Mixed Mini Lithops – 200 SEEDS Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy Use: Indoor Plants Flowerpot: Excluded Classification: Novel Plant Function: Beautifying Applicable Constellation: Pisces Model Number: Succulent Style: Perennial Location: Courtyard Climate: Temperate Type: Succulent

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2021.10.22 17:24 RewardNext8801 Hello there :D,

Don't worry internet user,here we dint workship that sick,this is a subreddit to hate towards him,he...he needs to STOPPPPP
You also have to know that almost persons in this fandom is child's and adolecents 13/15.
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