"Gameshae" Wizard

2021.10.22 16:11 Asdfdumb12345 "Gameshae" Wizard

I'm doing stuff in empty realms but theres always this level 20 wizard named "Gameshae" who keeps entering the realm only to briefly leave afterwards, and repeat. Whats up with that?
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2021.10.22 16:11 Mightypeon How would you nerf silver edge?

I admit it, I am a filthy Bristle/TimbeTidehunter spammer.
Silver edge is currently so good, one can almost go Mason and build it on Bristleback (he does so somewhat frequently, albeit he typically plays safelane Bristle) himself.
It is not actually as bad as one may think it is on him. Gives a way of initiate, a way of disengaging, if you use it midfight, when you have 9 warpath stacks, you get a pretty sick punch out of it, Crit on Bristle is underappreciated but well, nor is 40 attack speed unappreciated.
However, Silver edge being an item on Bristle, in addition to getting one against Bristle is, generally speaking, a pretty clear indication that this items usefullness is getting out of control.
I am kind of hesitant to make the break dispellable, as this would strengthen the likes of BB/Tide/Timber (probably Mars as well, would also make Spectre even more opressive lategame), but the item just does too much in its current state, and is buildable on too many heroes.
Suggestions? Reduce the bonus damage on the hit from stealth? Chane the receipe to something less usefull then Crysalis? Hefty price increase on the receipe?
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2021.10.22 16:11 duckieshutup I don't understand why no bad things happen to me

I want them to happen. I'd do anything just for something bad to happen to me, and I've tried but nothing works. I'm still healthy, I'm still okay. I really don't like that. I don't understand why I'm not being targeted or tortured or beaten bloody. I want it, y'know? I want it really, really bad. It makes sense for bad things to happen to me and only me. Criminals deserve punishment, no? The courts wouldn't sentence an obviously innocent civilian. You wouldn't hate a saint or want to hurt an angel. So why does the universe hurt good people? Why not people like me? The people that deserve it? I want it to happen, so why isn't it happening? Do I have to be more of a bad person, or do I have to be a better person in order to get hurt? I just don't get it. I really don't.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how to get more bad things to happen to me, please tell me. I'm open.
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2021.10.22 16:11 Tzeb00m The absolute unit that is the Sturmtiger (Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster)

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2021.10.22 16:11 DylBaby Evil McDoonald's

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2021.10.22 16:11 sburgess86 Readers move their eyes mindlessly using midbrain visuo-motor principles

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2021.10.22 16:11 NonHuman99 HAVE 1 ICE WIZARD ||| WANT MegaKnight, MotherWitch, NightWitch, Log, Miner

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2021.10.22 16:11 livhayezsz my theater had actual copies of the Dispatch magazine alongside the film. haven’t seen it on here yet so i wanted to share :-)

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2021.10.22 16:11 michiganhorizon My hair is slowly receding and it's eating away at me.

I'm only 19. All throughout my life I was made fun of for my forehead and deep widow's peak. Kids used to pick on me all the time whenever they saw it. I grew my hair out to cover it up, and now my hair is receding.
I just feel so ugly. I felt like my hair was the one thing I actually had control over in life and now it's slipping away from me. I don't think I'll be totally bald because that doesn't run in my family, but I do think it'll look like my dad's which is a very deep widow's peak. Similar to Jude Law's.
I know it sounds pathetic, but it literally keeps me up at night. I bring up shaving my head to my family and girlfriend and they all politely tell me not to do it because "I think you'll regret it" aka "this is my nice way of saying you'll look ugly"
Like what the fuck. There's no winning. I don't wanna wear a wig so ig ill just have to deal with being unattractive. Sadly to say my gf will probably leave me when the day comes too. Can't stay with someone you don't find attractive :///
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2021.10.22 16:11 JonoLith Liberals Plan to Abandon Us to The Capitalist Death Cult

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2021.10.22 16:11 Zerviol Literal life advice on my current situation and it's long

Main question for me would be is college worth it for me currently?

I am 23 living at home with my mom and pay small time bills w/ little rent, I did get
lucky this year with investing and have a nice chunk of change to live off of hypothetically
forever in this situation to paint the picture of stability I have but not enough to live
consistently by myself for 5+ years or anything like that. I live in the South of US and
it's relatively cheap for the cost of living and I'm also unemployed, can't think of any
more relevant information going into then this as well as being just a typical kid with a
honda civic!

Anyways the debate that isn't so clear for me is going to college, my history of school
beforehand was that I was undiagnosed through-out school therefore I struggled as well
as an unfortunate home situation that was pure chaos which pretty much drove me to
drop out at age 16 since I was coping with playing video games all day as well which
didn't help to the point of getting like a 30 in 9th grade math lmao, quite remarkable imo!
Basically I didn't do well in school and also had ADHD on top of being ridiculously bored
at school to never wanna pay attention and do the bare minimum but reached a point in
9th grade where I didn't care at all and just failed everything miserably pretty much.
I somewhat have interest with programming to some degree, I am just naturally really lazy
and barely get interested by anything and gaming has gone downhill as well so life has
pretty much been pretty depressing minus spikes of motivation, also consider myself
to have some anhedonia for example I don't get much satisfaction of out everyday normal
things, as such I gained a lot with investing and didn't really feel insanely proud
I just know I have to invest and keep making more until I can reach self sustainability.
I might be getting a bit off topic but I'm trying to produce as much helpful context as I can,
anyways I recently tried adderall from a friend and ended up having a great experience
where I was completely motivated and captivated by things more easily as well as focusing
and what not with the benefits of adderall, I got a prescription myself after trying it
twice from a friend with small mgs. I had taken it for 2 weeks and built up a tolerance
then just quit cold turkey since I wasn't doing anything with my life anyways nor did
I find a purpose to spend money on it since not having insurance and seeing a doctor for it
is somewhat pricey especially feeling guilty with no consistent income.

Sorry for breaking up the paragraph ever so seemingly random but I do see there to be
success and massive potential to help with my school work if I were to go in community
college, I also feel the having a set schedule would be helpful for me but I don't
like feeling restricted even though I know it would be beneficial for me the most! I dabbled
with coding by myself a little bit and honestly got bored of the cookie cutter lessons
and the way of just beginning to learn the coding but I know after learning the tools
and getting comfortable to going into solving problems I'd be more ecstatic as well as
the creativity somewhere in the programming space. I'd say like I did before I'm probably
5/10 on coding and know I would enjoy other things much more but the job market in the
south with basically no relevant job experience and no connections is absolutely not for
me with the time I've been looking for something that'd interest me as a career, it just
seems to be the best fit at the moment but I don't know at the end if I'd hate it or not
seems to be a gamble on that pure speculation but taking a step forward here towards a goal
feels motivating to wake up everyday knowing what could potentially happen, I desperately
need guidance but would love any advice honestly, I can post more context if you need just
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2021.10.22 16:11 isar-love [Thank You] you all for exchanging with me

Thank you all for filling my mailbox this week with such lovely mail:
u/soft_distortion Thank you so much for exchanging with me. What surprise to see Maggie Trudeau on the cover of a magazine in a bathing suit in the 70s! I had no idea! And the stamps are impressive too ☺️
2x u/nutriyum I love our Halloween exchange, thank you so much. Your two (!) cards are super cute. It seems, Halloween is celebrated the same way in your country as in mine, haha. And thank you for your extra stickers!!!
u/yunxiichai Thank you for introducing me to the movie Kimi No Na Wa. You made me curious and I will try to find it here. The scene is lovely. I like your stamps too.
u/LeeElla Thank you for exchanging with me. Your card with pastel birds is extremely nice. And I have the same problem like you: I can hardly find any Halloween cards here, because it's not so popular here either.
u/true-satisfaction-87 Thank you for exchanging with me again. Your new wave card with all the stickers is a great exchange for the 80s card I sent you. I will definitely listen into your song recommendations.
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2021.10.22 16:11 FillsYourNiche ‘Raptor-like’ dinosaur discovered in Australian mine, actually uncovered as a timid vegetarian. 50-year-old findings of the Triassic period’s “largest meat-eating dinosaur” reanalysed as the long-necked herbivore Prosauropod.

‘Raptor-like’ dinosaur discovered in Australian mine, actually uncovered as a timid vegetarian. 50-year-old findings of the Triassic period’s “largest meat-eating dinosaur” reanalysed as the long-necked herbivore Prosauropod. submitted by FillsYourNiche to sciences [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:11 Fancy-TM Today I called my friend pretty-

... pretty good looking. She liked it
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2021.10.22 16:11 sburgess86 An in-vivo digital atlas of the spatially reliable cerebral vasculature in mice

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2021.10.22 16:11 blue_trackerbot WoW | Linxy in FEEDBACK: Timewalking Mage Tower - October 21

9.1.5 PTR Testing and Discussion » FEEDBACK: Timewalking Mage Tower - October 21

Testing for Timewalking Mage Tower is closed.
Thank you for all your feedback!
2021-10-22 11:04:11
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2021.10.22 16:11 --angela-- I went to get lunch from the dining hall and this is an ‘event’ going on inside.

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2021.10.22 16:11 Uninator I gonna have a swim with Mila

And when we are in the middle I gonna take a deep breath and dive under and touch her leg and then I gonna say: “It was a fish!”
(Mila is afraid of fish)
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2021.10.22 16:11 l0nely-bastard Looking for some long term friends

Hey-hey! Here's a little about me: My name is Kai, I'm genderfluid, and 18 years old. I love playing video games, reading, drawing, and sleeping.. eating too I'm in GMT+3 so would be dope to get friends in the same timezones as I, but if not, we will make it work <3
Lots of love, Kai
P.S I prefer chatting in Discord: Kai [she/they]#0001, so just add me c:
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2021.10.22 16:11 loveandasandwich The art --> The inspiration

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2021.10.22 16:11 luckinder_hallo Queer guy (M22) looking for friends to explore the queer scene 🤝🤟

Hey!!! I‘m Lucas and I just moved (back) to Berlin, but let‘s say I haven‘t found my gang yet… I‘m a 22yo Brazilian cis gay dude who just started studying economics at Humboldt and I looove dancing and partying. I’m very silly and very easy to talk to (or at least I convinced myself of that ;). If this reasonates with you to any degree, hit me up and let‘s go to a club/bar tomorrow or anytime. Only friendships und deutsch geht auch ;)
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2021.10.22 16:11 Feitgemel How to colorize old black and white movies [project]

How to colorize old black and white movies [project] https://preview.redd.it/0mdubz19w1v71.png?width=1280&format=png&auto=webp&s=6981bde9016421b8019dae07964467d918a766f0
Would you like to learn how to colorize you old black and white photos and movies ?
This is a the right Python step tutorial for you.
I am starting from the installation , next learning how to colorize a photo , and finally how colorize a video file or a old film.
The link for the tutorial : https://youtu.be/3sygSmIgGKs
This is a python coding project. You can find the code here :
You are most welcome to subscribe and share it
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2021.10.22 16:11 mauicabanas PHUN THROUGH EARLY NEXT WEEK!

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2021.10.22 16:11 lucas_alpaca What do yall think of my character.

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2021.10.22 16:11 Der_Umbringer Fah’ Get about it! Leave my Dad alone!

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