Anyone know what kind of bird this is? One of the bigger ones I’ve seen in person, started eyeing me down once I got close and didn’t look away until I got far enough

2021.10.22 16:44 SanDiegoLibreBot Anyone know what kind of bird this is? One of the bigger ones I’ve seen in person, started eyeing me down once I got close and didn’t look away until I got far enough

Anyone know what kind of bird this is? One of the bigger ones I’ve seen in person, started eyeing me down once I got close and didn’t look away until I got far enough submitted by SanDiegoLibreBot to SanDiegoLibre [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:44 Inner_Ad_4899 💵 UP BITCOIN SV 💵 Stealth Launch 💵 Listed On PancakeSwap 💵 Liquidity locked 💵

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2021.10.22 16:44 Denaun_k4ng si se parecen que pedo

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2021.10.22 16:44 Applelover93 Mrsmcmisterface is such a troll ?

She has such a field day going around pestering me on every account I make and then puts it on blast in her answer. I report and block her but she still trolls me but I reported her for almost everything. I haven't seen her all week until today but she's back and found me and trolled me. Everyone report this person and block her and check out her profile too she's a creepy troll ?
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2021.10.22 16:44 thorzine5150 Day 3

One Day At a Time. Keep on keeping on!!
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2021.10.22 16:44 wojtekthesoldierbear In honor of 10/22 day...

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2021.10.22 16:44 nijiroflavor Drawing of Sailor Venus and Greek Goddess Aphrodite for a School Project. Been a while r/AnimeSketch!

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2021.10.22 16:44 NephetsIsCool Gender Clinic and Dysphoria Therapy

I have always wondered as a minor whom identifies as transfem how exactly dysphoria therapy works and have a few personal questions.

  1. How are you admitted (preferably how you'd go about it in England & Wales)?
  2. Is it more of a you ask or they ask situation?
  3. How generally do the sessions progress in questions i.e. possibly beginning on when you dysphoria began and how it developed etc.
  4. How many sessions there generally will be.
  5. What comes next; what will they refer you to next, straight to the GP or is there something else?
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2021.10.22 16:44 CptWatt [Repost] Dirty Shoe Survey!

Hello, I'm Stephen. I am in a high school engineering class. This year we are designing a solution to a problem. The reason I post this here, is I figure you all might have some solid input for our survey, given this is meant for cleaning lol. If you could take it that'd mean a lot to me (And maybe upvote ;)). Thank you a lot! And if the reposts are a problem let me know.
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2021.10.22 16:44 lenub3 Hope I win, he’s one of the best dragons in the game now right?

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2021.10.22 16:44 Ok_Percentage_3462 Friend wants to start doing rap. Raw track of his first try

Friend wants to start doing rap. Raw track of his first try submitted by Ok_Percentage_3462 to balkanmusic [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:44 baigejan After Nelly’s jazz last season, I’m not looking forward to Iman’s contemporary. Daniella and Pasha cannot choreograph lyrical dances. Can this show please require that they get choreography assistants for styles pros were not properly trained in?

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2021.10.22 16:44 cutiebasis Cowabunga

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2021.10.22 16:44 SreaRoolie Tips on planning a story outline and setting update schedules.

Hey! As a newbie author to Episode I am still in the nascent stages of learning how to code and direct. But I would love to know from you guys, how y'all go about planning your stories?
Do you have a specific outline that you follow and stick to? If yes, could you give me a few pointers as atm I'm in a very, very messy situation with all the codes. Too many things to remember hahaha. sobs
And in this break time, if I may, I'd love to learn more about working Episode stories. I can't catch a break for shit, I'm type A 😭.
It would be really helpful if you could tell me about your planning methods and styles. It will help me later when I start scripting and coding my first story and I'd keep your tips in mind! And I'd be forever grateful to all of you! 🥰
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2021.10.22 16:44 mannypackoutz South Sacramento: How/Why many 2nd gen G-Parkway Mobb members became Bloods (LONG Read)

For those who don't know, G-Mobb was a "black rag" gang formed in G-Parkway/Franklin Villa during the peak of the dope era. It was comprised mostly of families/friends hailing from Oakland Ca: A city who's turf politics prior to recent years/evolution, revolved around mostly independent groups fighting for control over the drug trade on or in various blocks or projects(no major citywide umbrellas that consolidated individuals/groups under it like Stubby/Case, Bloods & Crips/ Folks/People etc). Many East Bay borne factions will use the identifier "Mobb" at the end of their group's name: West Mob(Westpointe Projects, 6-9 Mob(69th Vill), Parchester Village Mob etc; where most neighborhood based gangs in Sacramento would typically identify as either Crip or Blood(after they arrived here of course). Franklin Villa was already a primarily Garden Blocc stronghold at the time however, & the city as a whole was dominated by local Blood & Crip politics. This inevitably prompted these Oakland natives to form the Mobb as a means of protection, as well as to preserve their identity in a new city. Their traditional flag is black, & were essentially an independent "money gang" that had no overarching ties or loyalties to the existing Sacramento gangs. Their only other primary enemy was Oak Park, who were agressive to just about anything that wasn't them(some attempted to hustle in Franklin Villa, though this was an extremely dangerous propisition after the beef began).
The 2nd generation of the Mobb , is when this aloofness began to be tested *This is also the era that CML/Lavish D belongs to; & when the city began the revitilization of G-Parkway + gang injunctions *. By now, enough time has passed to where younger members of South Area gangs are growing up together, participating in youth sports, or classmates etc.(I'm including Oak Park in this as well, since they ARE on the south end of town). This is a primary cause behind the growth & popularity of cliques or "hybrid" gangs, especially on this side of town. By far, the most notable of these cliques are RideZilla & the Stick Up Starz. The Stick Up Starz, formerly known as the Bad Azz Youngstaz, was formed by 2nd gen G-Mobb, but quickly recruited members throughout South Area neighborhoods like Meadowview, Valley Hi, & even Garden Blocc (You might notice that these are the very same neighborhoods that typically fall under the "South Sac Iraq" association). This inclusion of GBC was a cause of much contention early on however, as there were many individuals from these "traditional" gangs who did not like being a part of the same clique as their enemies: Overall hostilities/violence between these rivals groups had yet to fully cease, which caused many to leave the Starz/B.A.Y altogether. Arguably more GBCs left than anything else though, which at that time made the Starz more of a VHP/MVB/GPWM clique. While the Starz were originally neutral to OPB despite tense relations between them & their "parent" gang (G-Mobb)*they were especially cool with RideZilla members like Perkzilla,M3,Lil Mackin', & $tunna Rick/Mazerati Rick*, the death of reputable B.A.Y member Jack "The Smack" Lawrence(who was actually from Oak Park) caused the massive fallout & still very much active war between the Starz & OPB; regardless of whether or not the individual from OPB claims Zilla *A MAJOR catalyst for what was to come*
Objectively speaking, the Starz were able to hold their own against OPB/Zilla largely due to the fact that on the streets, they simply had more area to move about; & while they definitely had popular hangout spots, the areas(the entire city really) they congregated at were simply too numerous to reliably pin down. OPBs, while obviously not "landlocked" per se, were opposite in that when an enemy wanted to catch one, they simply either had to go to the P, or take adavantage of the fact that many were relocating to lower income areas/apartments that were in their backyard(many OPBs have been caught slipping/attacked/murdered for this alone). G-Mobb members who were from Starz also benefited from the clique including non G-Parkway members, which helped mask a very important weakness: Despite being one of the only independent gangs to form & stand the test of time in a predominantly Blood & Crip landscape, G-Mobb by itself was still a much smaller gang when compared to OPB, making G-Mobb members who alted the Starz an even smaller group. Worse still, many G-Mobb members didn't even like the Starz as an organization, even if they were from the G; & offered no form of support/backup to them. As Starz members started to hit county/prison yards, their lack of numbers were truly exposed..
When it comes to gang banging, jail/prison often isn't too far behind. Like most facilities with heavy gang activity, a particular gang's power & influence comes down to a question of numbers. The Oak Park Bloods were, & likely still are, the largest Black gang in Sacramento County(possibly all of Northern California); & often make up the largest part of any Sacramento Car. When Starz began hitting these yards, it became immediately apparent just how outnumbered they really were. Many were spared from the full wrath of OPB however, as they still belonged to gangs such as MVB or VHP; ultimately meaning that despite street politics, they were still somewhat protected under the Sacramento Blood affiliation(they usually had to run a lot of 1 on 1 fades though). G-Parkway Mobb, being a "black rag" gang, were usually categorized as under the "other" or "unaffiliated" subgroup of the Sac Car; meaning that outside of personal relationships within a particular facility, there was very little else protecting a G-Mobb member from being preyed upon by a larger group within the Car. This essentially made Starz members from G-Mobb, completely fair game to the OPBs, who often would rush them upon arrival(many of these victims are said to have either pc'd up, or even opted to claim other towns to avoid dealing with this). As stated previously, the Starz had even become alienated from many "uncut" G-Mobb members, who would happily allow OPB to get at them without interference(some of these individuals would end up running Zilla themselves). The only individuals who would reliably defend them were other Starz members, who were usually always MVBs or VHPs.This put those individuals in a precarious position, as it essentially translated to "Damus helping none Damus against other Damus". This is what inevitably led to G-Mobb/Starz members being pressured to become Bloods, seeing as this offerred a far greater degree of protection in numbers while incarcerated, & a lot of the more reputable Starz members were Meadowview Bloods or Valley Hi Pirus anyway(They've also historically had a good relationship with the Del Paso Heights Bloods & some of their cliques as well). Due to the aforementioned loss in popularity that the Starz experienced even within its "parent" gang, many G-Mobb/Starz already considered themsleves to be closer to these Blood affiliated hoods than their own, causing fairly widespread adoption*This is the reason why G-Parkway Bloods are pretty much always Starz members as well*. Having said that, there were many individuals who fought the "good fight", & remained strictly Starz/G-Mobb(Black Rag)
There did however, exist members within the Mobb who took great offense to this adoption, with many arguing that becoming Bloods was folding under pressure & disowning the very thing that made them who they were as a faction. This dissolution was further emphasized when many of these individuals went on to form the clique known as Guttah Gass Team/6-8 Mobb, who then entered into a short beef with the Starz(surpisingly no one was killed, though not for lack of trying). They eventually were able to call for a truce, & formed the Team Vs. Everybody alliance(that's under the South Sac Iraq affiliation), though individuals maintain their original stances, & the occasional dispute is not unheard of. 3rd gen/beyond G-Mobb members seem to be more likely to claim Blood affiliation(these are usually youngsters who never actually lived in G-Parkway, they just rep it based on family ties/who they hang around).
TLDR: Blood affiliation within G-Mobb began after G-Mobb/Starz members arrived at prisons & were HORRIBLY outnumbered by OPB(their #1 enemy). Seeing as Bloods made up a large percentage of the Starz anyway, many G-Mobb members opted to become Bloods themsleves to reliably boost their numbers on any given yard; essentially merging even"closer" with an affiliation they had closely allied themselves to already...
Only right for me to say thanks if you read this far, so thanks. I might do another write up on Sacramento in the future...
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2021.10.22 16:44 WheeeeeThePeople Biden flashes White Power signal in townhall and NPR is silent.

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2021.10.22 16:44 THEessayB How much do I need to do for Far Harbor to protect Acadia?

Long story short I’ve done everything for the residents except save Andre. I plan on making DiMA turn himself in, but want to keep Acadia from being destroyed. Just curious if I have a chance to save Acadia having not saved him in time.
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2021.10.22 16:44 MrCasterSugar Just an idea for a new weapon maybe? What do you think?

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2021.10.22 16:44 AddictedToPew Just getting back to normal 2 months later

I was never a daily user but I did have my binges every now and then. All in all my usage was for about 5-6 months every 3 days. When I quit I didn’t really get withdrawals per se but I did get really depressed for about a week. The worst part was that I really think phenibut fucked with my hormones or my thyroid or SOMETHING. My libido is finally back and I finally feel Normal. It also triggered something that made me start shedding a shitload of hair, eyebrows, etc. This drug is trash and I’ll never touch it again.
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2021.10.22 16:44 YourAverageMemeRater I feel pain just by looking at his history(no username because i removed them quite clean)

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2021.10.22 16:44 OceanoDeRoca The Stages Of An Anime Fan

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2021.10.22 16:44 Snazzy3DPrints I've heard this is a fairly terrible game on the PS1, but I really dig how they used scenes from the New Batman Adventures TV show (no ads on the video!)

I've heard this is a fairly terrible game on the PS1, but I really dig how they used scenes from the New Batman Adventures TV show (no ads on the video!) submitted by Snazzy3DPrints to psx [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:44 OutdoorgrlCO Boot size

Do you size up in boots compared to your heel size? Like, if I wear 36.5 in heels, should I get a 37 in boots since I’m wearing with socks? TIA!
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2021.10.22 16:44 BeefJerkyturkey Alien, Alien, extraterrestrial flying in…

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2021.10.22 16:44 Beckelli Are True Yarans telepathic?

So I was trying to take over a checkpoint and first thing I did was take out the alarm. Then I got spotted and in about five seconds I had about four trucks on my ass, two helicopters in the sky and I eventually got run over by a surprise tank. What the actual mierda? Who calls all these people? Does taking out the alarm even mean anything anymore?
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