Does anyone know if jack has any plans to stream again?

2021.11.28 02:16 shaosjdfbsjauuah Does anyone know if jack has any plans to stream again?

I always loved how cozy his streams felt. Bring the wardens back jack
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2021.11.28 02:16 Wonderful_Dare_4629 (Help) (ps5) (ds3) halfway fortress, I'm new to ds3

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2021.11.28 02:16 kalashnikov_go_brrr ZETA WILL WIN

Im very confident Zeta will win. They rarely give enemy any openings, I'm supporting Zeta, let's see how this goes!
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2021.11.28 02:16 Jrzpbl Reward withdrawal

Hi everybody. I withdrawed my reward to my daedalus wallet and received my xray tokens. But I didn't receive ADA reward even if its balance went to 0 on RayStake. I'm wondering about that because I saw my amount of ADA in daedalus increased by the exact amount of ADA reward then it disappeared and back to my initial amount. Thanks for your help, I hope I'm clear: french man here. Have a god day !
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2021.11.28 02:16 nickm977 So blessed to be early in here, the second Biaheza said don’t buy it… It just made sense: BUY IT. And man is it paying off 😤😂

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2021.11.28 02:16 Striking-Weakness506 اسکی هست ولی قشنگ بود دمتون گرم

اسکی هست ولی قشنگ بود دمتون گرم 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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2021.11.28 02:16 potatocow6 1984

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2021.11.28 02:16 Fryzan84 Doubt with monitor with rtx 3060 laptop?

Hello, I just bought an asus tuf laptop with i5 11400h and gtx 3060 6 gb.
I wanted to buy a 27 "monitor because now I prefer a little bigger, I know that 1440p per dpi is recommended for that size, but my question is if it makes sense to put 1440p 144hz on a monitor with that graphic and pay € 100 more, or better 1080p 144 hz and I save 100.
Office use, basic edition, game especially some eSport and little else.
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2021.11.28 02:16 pog_pijen Well well well…

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2021.11.28 02:16 Willing-Reason-2312 If you lack CS this is for you Common Sense

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2021.11.28 02:16 Lachee When the project manager adds a new feature request last minute to your sprint

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2021.11.28 02:16 krashnna2 Fan Zone seats question

Hi everyone!
Just wondering what the Fan zone section is at scotiabank arena. Is there actual seating or is it standing room only?
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2021.11.28 02:16 OneBadassBoi 4 Month Finance Self-Study Plan for Computer Science major?

Any advice or book recommendations appreciated.
Also tentatively, I am planning to dedicate a month each to Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Financial Modelling. Is this the right attitude or are there other things I should focus on.
I can’t take any business classes since my schedule is pretty set for the next 3 semesters (I am a Junior at a US public)
I would appreciate if you had advice on a rough course of action (and not on whether I should do this or not, no offense)
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2021.11.28 02:16 scam_likley_xoxo how to delete a report

when i was on a sub, i saw a thread and thought it was a repost and i reported it, but then realized it wasn't a repost, it was the original. so, how do i " un-report " it?
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2021.11.28 02:16 not_that_guy_at_work I swear this is how they act in my city when I install a roundabout ( Repost from r/IdiotsInCars/ )

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2021.11.28 02:16 wryandwatchful "Dad Was Such A Drag..."

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2021.11.28 02:16 IJackOff2Nickelback If the My Pillow guy became Secretary of Interior what would happen?

Wouldn't it be inspirational that a Crack addict to CEO ... then became a secretary?
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2021.11.28 02:16 RTMushrooom The Four Seasons of Yo Dayo

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2021.11.28 02:16 DotDotDot695 Seen at Wendy’s !!

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2021.11.28 02:16 Valuable-Power-6113 What a whirlwind, and not in a good way

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. Recently, we went from co-habitating to long distance. Our finances have been shot and we haven't been able to see each other outside of facetime for almost two months. It's been a lot. I was finally able to get enough together to fly down to see him in a couple of weeks and, I thought, we were both super excited about it.
Just last night, we talked on the phone for over an hour about plans for my trip and how excited we are to see each other again and all the things people in LDRs talk about. Then today, while I was at work, he texted me to say he's done. Don't come down. He doesn't trust that I've been faithful (we both had a hook up outside of our relationship the first month or so of dating, so the insecurity is not entirely a red flag for me). It's too much for him. Etc.
Fine. That's not what bothered me. I mean, it hurts, but I can accept that.
What bothered me is that he weaponized my deepest insecurities back at me. Things and words I've never shared with anyone else. To the point I was almost physically sick from it. The deepest parts of me that I never thought it was safe to share. To top it off, up until that moment, I've seen no indication that he was the kind of person who would be able to say those things. I've been in abusive relationships and he gave me ZERO red flags. I'm completely blindsided and now I'm struggling to not feel like my insecurities about my body and mental illness aren't really what people are thinking and saying about me. I haven't felt this way since I was a teenager and I'm almost 32 now.
What's worse than that, is immediately, I want to show him he's wrong and win him back.
My self confidence is in the absolute toilet. And it took years and years to get it anywhere close to where it was 8 hours ago. I feel so betrayed and stupid and naive and just at a loss.
I just needed a place to put all this and maybe, hopefully, find some encouragement out there.
TL;DR my relationship of over a year fell apart out of nowhere and my deepest, darkest secrets were turned into weapons after feeling like I was finally in a healthy relationship built on trust.
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2021.11.28 02:16 vmurillo12 Got my VIN today!

Finally a VIN!!!!!! OD-7-24 LRMY MSM NO UPGRADES Delivery Santa Barbara CA This early morning EDD changed to dec 8-31 and at 10am got a VIN email from Tesla and EDD changed again to Nov 29-dec 2. It’s a 2022 MY
Nov 29-dec 2 final (11-27)
Dec 8-31 (11-27)
Nov30- Dec 14
Nov 20- dec 18
Nov 14- dec 7
Nov11-dec 9
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2021.11.28 02:16 monkeyLaser23 Academics, what is the most interesting very specific thing about your field of study?

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2021.11.28 02:16 roguesith_ Some photos from a star wars short film I made

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2021.11.28 02:16 e2kay What song do you think isn’t appreciated enough live and would like to see more of

I’d personally love to see blackened, the thing that should not be, my friend of misery, and leper messiah the next time I see them
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2021.11.28 02:16 Stinkytrashelf if you were to make a game about or with jack what would it be about 🤔

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