How can i 3 star this base as a maxed TH9?

2021.11.28 02:29 Smashtheroof How can i 3 star this base as a maxed TH9?

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2021.11.28 02:29 theNewGuy180 Berry farmers and completionists

Through my whole pay through I made sure I battled every trainer. Today I'm going around planting berries and multiple trainers I know I have battled before are encountering me with the exclamation marks above their head and starting a battle with me, is anyone else experiencing this?
For berries, I'm doing my Berry panting across sinnoh. I plant 4 berries in a patch, I water all 4. But I can see 2 are still dry patches. I've had days of strange yields, for example getting 2, 2, 7, 7. Not exact, but some are very different from others, and I know I water everything. I'm wondering If some don't register and thats why I see strange yields. Today I'm watering the patches that look dry over and over and it looks no different, half are dry and half are watered. Any reason/suggestion?
Thank you in advance
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2021.11.28 02:29 Suspicious_Person15 I want to read the IDW comics.

I want to read the IDW comics in chronological order, but every chart, list or graphic I look at confuses me. I just had one question. If I buy the hardcover IDW collection volumes, will I be able to read them chronologically? I'm new to TMNT, and wanted to get into it, so I'm sorry if I sound a little stupid when it comes to this stuff.
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2021.11.28 02:29 erd_19 OwO πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

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2021.11.28 02:29 NoCarbsOnSunday why I, a woman, prefer bi men

A bisexual man understands a part of who I--a queer woman--is in a way no straight man can fully grasp. There is a familiarity in the in-language of otherness that we can both navigate together. With a bisexual man I do not feel like my own queerness is erased for the sake of another's comfort, no matter how unintentional that erasure may be.
A bisexual man who knows and owns his sexuality--even if is to the private few he trusts--is a person who is willing to know and *own* himself in the face of a society that says he doesn't get to exist. Perhaps it is that spit-at-life confidence, or perhaps it is the beauty he sees in many genders, but men who identify as bisexual are often less attached to "proving" their masculinity or otherwise locked into narrow concepts of gendered behavior. From sexy times to daily life conversations there is overall a feel of being on equal footing with a bisexual man that I haven't felt except with the most self-aware and self-confidante of straight men (and I'm gonna be blunt most of those straight men cheerfully refer to themselves as heteroflexible so YMMV on where they fall in the bisexual umbrella as it is).
I am not going to refuse to date a man because he is straight, and there are assholes who are bi. But I automatically feel more comfortable with, and will look twice at, any man who is on the bisexual spectrum. I just feel safer and more comfortable with another queer person. To be real, I have a preference for bi men. Just how it is.
Look sexy vampires might be fictional but sexy bisexual men are real so u cutie cryptids I love u.
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2021.11.28 02:29 RenitentClaw Should i play the dlc with a new chracter or my old one?

I got nv a while back and then played 4 (I'm currently playing 3 rn) There's a steam sale rn and I was wondering if I should make an entirely new save just to play the DLC or just use my old one with already good stuff what do you guys think?
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2021.11.28 02:29 CapitolCop What's the difference between a War and a Revolution?

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2021.11.28 02:29 Sidvicioushartha I wonder where the training camp is where they teach the lines

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2021.11.28 02:29 JoNapalm How has life been for you months post-breakup?

Hey all. 1 month post breakup, almost 2 days no contact. Doing okay, just trying to get through the day.
How has life been for you 1 month, 3 month, and 5+ months post breakup?
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2021.11.28 02:29 angelbxbyyx hi :3

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2021.11.28 02:29 ManInRedShirt Had to share this clip

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2021.11.28 02:29 Sharky11RO They attack from the air now

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2021.11.28 02:29 Alternative_Drama_50 Thought this belonged here

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2021.11.28 02:29 chippy-triforce What’d the best way to get a jumpsuit for cosplay reasons. I have a proton pack, trap, & a PKE meter, but don’t know the best way to get a custom or pre existing jumpsuit?

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2021.11.28 02:29 Spongebobbbbb12 airfryer

have anyone tried making carrot fries in an airfryer without oil? like straight raw carrots in it? cos all the recipes ive seen for veggies/carrots all say to use oil but i sort of thought the whole point of an airfryer is to not use oil?
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2021.11.28 02:29 svanapps r/Bitcoin - Is .035xxxxx bitcoin honestly worth holding right now?

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2021.11.28 02:29 TheInsaneApp Dial 911

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2021.11.28 02:29 Fun-Shallot-8078 I'm in love with the new poster. Sage's smile, mmm....πŸ”₯😌

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2021.11.28 02:29 Theozeffect Online Audio Broadcast of Vikings vs 49ers

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2021.11.28 02:29 Bomb14 Why boat facing the wrong way

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2021.11.28 02:29 Singhvistaar β€Ž[iOS/Mac] [SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game] [$1.99–> Free] [Sci-Fi logic puzzler, over 50 levels with five unique words and 25 special levels]

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2021.11.28 02:29 aaatwell The past several months have really sucked for me, but this picture makes me actually feel good about myself. (19F & 9 months on E)

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2021.11.28 02:29 IronGrahn FT Spiritomb, HA Bagon, HA Gligar Moon Ball; LF Pick Up mons

Preferably Aipom or Pachirisu, as long as they have Pick Up!
Can also offer other BD exclusives, just as ask!
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2021.11.28 02:29 Beginning_Bag871 Guardian pack

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2021.11.28 02:29 geniuzdesign What’s your supercharging preference for long trips?

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