How long does it take you to write a 2500-word article?

2021.11.28 03:04 La_Mysterieux How long does it take you to write a 2500-word article?

Hi everyone,
Obviously, this question is for writers. I just received an offer for an hourly contract to write an article. In my proposal, I told the client it'll take me up to 10 hours to deliver the final copy, but I'm not sure if that's too much or too little. I spend a lot of time on my research before writing, so that takes up the most time.
I'm also not the kind of person who can sit or stare at a screen for long hours. My limit is 30 minutes. I'd have asked for a fixed-price contract, but this client seems to be quite busy. He just drops details and then goes offline for the next 2-3 days.
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2021.11.28 03:04 flowen3061 Flyttefirma

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2021.11.28 03:04 niekol88 Clean Beauty Alternative for EcoStyler Gel

Any recommendations for comparable replacements? I haven't used the gel in years, but I haven't found a clean gel that measures up either. I even tried my own flax seed gel.
(Clean: No alcohols, parabenos, phthalates, etc.)
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2021.11.28 03:04 staiermann ich_iel

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2021.11.28 03:04 HHPhotographyWI Abandoned rehab clinic

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2021.11.28 03:04 casiosleftnipple CasioRobinson - Who Killed Latin in a nutshell

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2021.11.28 03:04 anoumenon 27/NA/PC - FPS + Coop

Looking for people that are interested in Siege, Valorant, and possibly some coop/horror games like GTFO or Dead by Daylight.
Mostly looking for some consistency, not really looking to just play once or join a server. Please don't send a chat request, just a PM if interested with some info and a Discord ID.
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2021.11.28 03:04 badmotofing3r Maisy Daisy waiting for me after work

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2021.11.28 03:04 baburajughansham Live

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2021.11.28 03:04 is_actually_a_doctor Just watched the series for the first time so I had to draw this

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2021.11.28 03:04 JoNuttanon1994 Tales of Xillia (Duology): Best Female Characters?

View Poll
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2021.11.28 03:04 konnichiwassup [SG] [H] Artisans (CYSM Uncle Ronald, Key-3PO, Latrialum Serenic Plasma, Chimeric Luna) [W] PayPal

- Prices in USD
- Prices include shipping
- PM only, comment before PM

Item Condition Description Photo Price
CYSM Uncle Ronald Keyby New Never mounted. Includes authentication card. Photo $450
CYSM Key-3PO New Never mounted. Includes authentication card. Photo $300
Latrialum Serenic Plasma ESC New Never mounted. Includes authentication card. Photo $250
Latrialum Chimeric Luna ESC New Never mounted. Made with the bigger V2 mold. Does not come with authentication card since it's from V1 period. PM for details. Photo $200
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2021.11.28 03:04 Bjorniee For Foreigners/Overseas National. Let me check on your property for you!

Hello, I’m Bjørn and I frequent on large cities to check up on left properties during the pandemic as some owners are not able to check up on their properties on their own. May they be in province or most often, out of the country.
For this reason, I can check up on your property and update you as to its condition. This includes its aesthetics, smell, if its still secured, water line’s fine, or electricity is alright. Can do assessments as to its condition and make a recommendation. These recommendations may include: getting the unit cleaned, water-line repaired, etc should any issues arise. I can also pay for your real estate property taxes on your behalf. Just keep a constant and clear communication especially with regard to finance. Hit me up so we can talk through email.
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2021.11.28 03:04 rid_aman Pulse be looking different!

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2021.11.28 03:04 nazranramlee Everytime I tried entering a modpack, this error pop up.

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2021.11.28 03:03 AustinTheBigRod Im a very sad boy right now. Just received my streamer pro PC from NZXT and while on idle on desktop itll randomly spike to 60°C for no reason. Any ideas?

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2021.11.28 03:03 Ok-Improvement-3510 Carl.

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2021.11.28 03:03 i-yeet-chickens the "secret" bunker shoudlve been our first interdiction to the io

imagine playing season 4, you see some trucks with a strange symbol moving to a buncker, you dont know their name or what they do or are, they reach the bunker and finnaly open it in season 5 and that wouldve been out interdiction to the io, that wouldve had much more of an impact than how it was revealed
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2021.11.28 03:03 Xorglord Pale Reflections: Playing a Part (4)

Happy ​National French Toast Day, Kennet Citizens!
Pale Reflections summons Playing a Part 15.7 and Playing a Part 15.8. Avery and Verona go looking for magical worlds, and boy howdy do they find a whole bunch! Avery tries to figure out if Thea is evil or just shortsighted, and eventually gets herself and Verona trapped. Next, Verona fights to get them out of one magical world, before finding herself remarkably at home in another magical world.
No discussion question this fortnight, but head into the discord and leave your thoughts on the episodes to be featured in the next fortnight of episodes!
You can find the episode here.
Drop some predictions here!
Join the Doof Discord here!
Pale Reflections is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher. Please give us a rating on your preferred platform(s), it'll really help raise awareness, and bring more people in!
If you've fallen behind, here's a spreadsheet helping you track all things Pale!
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2021.11.28 03:03 Cheap-Temperature-25

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2021.11.28 03:03 perrylowkey Serial leaf?

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2021.11.28 03:03 zubaz69 Donald Trump Loves the F-52 Fighter. The Problem: It Doesn't Exist

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2021.11.28 03:03 i-shoud-be-recalled Retro eh

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2021.11.28 03:03 yeuxwbbw Could someone here walk me through the process of receiving steel from India being sent by sea to the port of Los Angeles?

Specifically the process of getting it off the ship and onto a freight carrier, and the costs associated with that. Customs, fees, etc.
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2021.11.28 03:03 anotherdestinyplayer What's an unconventional/unknown remedy to an illness/pain/uncomfort you happen to know that 100% works?

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